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Pulse R70  

If youre looking for fast-firing, full auto shooting fun then grab a hold of the Pulse R70 and hang on. This special ops assault version of the now legendary AR-15 has a gravity fed BB loading chamber located on top of the upper receiver that holds up to 600, 6mm soft air BBs so you can keep on shooting; just keep the trigger pulled to the rear. Fires electronically, power is provided by a rechargeable, onboard battery (battery and UL certified charging unit are included). The M4-style collapsible stock, adjustable fore grip and four-rail free float tube add to the realism. Shoots the standard .12g soft air BBs up to 150 fps velocity. Black synthetic receiver, forend and barrel with orange tip

  • The Pulse R70 is a full auto, electronic soft air rifle that runs on rechargeable batteries
  • Pulse R70 features the Hop-up system for greater accuracy and distance.


Manufactured by: Crosman

Description Pulse R70  

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