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Mini G3A3  

This softair gun is absolutely fabulous and will provide hours of fun and entertainment. This is an Airsoft Replica copy of the real-life H&K G3 A3 Assault Rifle. Used by many NATO Forces around the World. Unique, Highgrade, and Cute plastic airgun. Package comes with 100 BB's and manual.

  • This mini machine gun is made of 'soft'-plastic, giving great velocity and accuracy.
  • Shooting range is approx. 65 Feet
  • 100 BB pelets; 30.5cm long; safety catch; takes Softair pellets;
  • hop-up system for greater range; holds 70 rounds; fires 120 rounds per minute; Requires 4 AA batteries not included.


Manufactured by:NeonFire-UHC

Description Mini G3A3  

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