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Soft Air 3088 Battle Rifle  

This AirSoft spring-loaded gun features realistic sliding bolt action cocking mechanism on the right side. This loading and cocking mechanism closely resebles that of the real SIG assult rifle, making this gun a great replica. This is a detailed 1:1 scale replica airsoft gun selling at a very affordable. It is not as durable and consistent in performance as our other high grade airsoft guns. This airsoft gun is intended for beginner level shooting. Please note that because this airsoft gun is meant for beginners and entertainmen

  • Full Size Airsoft Replica of Sig 550 Rifle
  • Non-Magnifying Scope
  • Spring Loaded Cock and Shoot
  • Capacity: 30 Rounds


Manufactured by: NeonFire-UHC

Description Soft Air 3088 Battle Rifle  

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