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Crosman Pulse R70 Clear  

If youre looking for fast-firing, full auto shooting fun then grab a hold of the Pulse R70 and hang on. This special ops assault version of the now legendary AR-15 has a gravity fed BB loading chamber located on top of the upper receiver that holds up to 600, 6mm soft air BBs so you can keep on shooting; just keep the trigger pulled to the rear. Fires electronically, power is provided by a rechargeable, onboard battery (battery and UL certified charging unit are included). The M4-style collapsible stock, adjustable fore grip and four-rail free float tube add to the realism. Shoots the standard .12g soft air BBs up to 150 fps velocity. Black synthetic receiver, forend and barrel with orange tip. Order additional batteries separately.

  • Fires up to 10 plastic BBs per second!
  • Removable stock for increased stability
  • Gravity feed hopper holds up to 600 plastic BBs
  • Four-sided rail structure lets you easily mount accessories
  • Adjustable fore grip for increased stability and control
  • The Pulse R70 is a full auto, electronic soft air rifle that runs on rechargeable batteries. It is sold with a battery charger and includes picatinny quad rails for mounting accessories, including the


Manufactured by: Crosman

Description Crosman Pulse R70 Clear  

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