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1911 A1 Two Tone  

Realistic Look: This beautifully designed soft air pistol is a close replica of a standard issue for the FBI Swift Response Team. The A1 has a sleek, black and silver barrel and black grips. Realistic Feel: If you’re looking for a realistic shooting experience, then this heavy weight air pistol is a must. Constructed of several metal internal parts, it has an authentic solid feel. The metal magazine holds fourteen rounds and provides for prolonged shooting. The grips are uniquely designed for a comfortable hold

  • Realistic Action: It delivers an unbelievable 1 joule of muzzle energy. The powerful blowback feature on this pistol contributes to its high status on the air soft market
  • Upon firing, the gun propels the BB forward with a magnificent force while the slide thrusts backwards, imitating the realistic “kick” of a real gun. Uses green gas propellant.


Manufactured by:KWC

Description 1911 A1 Two Tone  

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