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KSC M11 A1  

Top of the line quality, speed, and reliability are the trademarks of this gun. Put one in your hand and feel the difference. The finish on this gun is also top notch giving it a realistic look. Fires 20 rounds in one second in auto mode or flip a switch and fire one at a time in semi-auto mode.

  • This gun includes numerous metal parts, making it look and feel realistic.
  • Metal parts include threaded barrel, front sling mount, selector switch, charging lever, trigger, magazine, extendable stock, and extension release buttons
  • This gun is just a lot of fun to shoot and well worth the investment.
  • Disclaimer: Comes with orange tip
  • Cyclic rate of fire - 1,200 RPM (20 rds/sec)
  • Method of Operation - Open bolt, gas blow back
  • Firing Mode - Selective Fire
  • Magazine Capacity - 48 rounds


Manufactured by:KSC

Description KSC M11 A1  

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