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UZI Blowback Airsoft  

Fully licensed UZI machine gun CO2 power puts this Uzi at the top of its class in out of the box performance, full metal body makes this the ultimate gas blowback system. - 80 Rounds Per Second This mini-UZI offers strong blowback for a very realistic feel! Powered by a CO2 powerlet, this gas blowback SMG delivers amazing power at over 360fps (using 0.2g BBs) and a very serious kick that is rare in an airsoft gun. Holding this SMG in your hands, it can easily be mistaken for the real thing because of its full metal body, heavy weight and stiff bolt. Cocking this gun requires a good pull just like a real steel gun. Stiff metal folding stock provides a stable firing platform. Removable magazine holds 40 rounds and the CO2 powerlet internally (completely concealed). Functional metal grip safety avoids accidental discharge. Metal selector switch allows operator to choose between SAFE,

  • semi-auto mode, and full-auto mode of fire! Adjustable front and rear sights
  • The entire gun is beautifully machined with selected steel parts that makes the gun feel very real.
  • Firing the gun makes a highly metallic sound as the bolt slams forward against the loading chamber!
  • Practically full metal with rugged ABS foregrip and lower receiver/grip.
  • Comes with orange paint on tip
  • Power range: 150 ft/sec
  • Semi & Full Auto Blow Back System
  • Lenght: 13 1/2 (350mm) - 23 1/2'(600mm)
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs( 2.1kg)
  • Metal Body
  • Adjustable Spin Up
  • Velocity: 440fps with 0.12g BBs, 360fps with 0.2g BBs, 320fps


Manufactured by: Cyber Gun

Description UZI Blowback Airsoft  

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