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FA-MAS 5.56 F1  

The new Marui FA-MAS is modeled after the French Foreign Legion FA-MAS assault rifle. It was the first electric gun designed by Marui so it has some exclusive features. The barrel of a unique bull-pup design, long on the inside but short on the outside. This allows for an remarkably high accuracy while keeping the gun at a comfortable carbine length. The FA-MAS has a version I gear box and an EG560 motor allow the gun to fire almost at 1000 rounds per minute. The FA-MAS magazine holds 60 rounds. Metal parts include trigger and trigger guard, barrel, sling swivel, and cocking handle. The FA-MAS also features a newly refined HOP-UP system which increase its accuracy.

  • The FA-MAS being adopted by the French army in 1979
  • Although the overall length is shorter than the conventional rifles
  • It has an extremely high full auto firing speed of 1,000 bullets per minute
  • The Tokyo Marui released the FA-MAS Super Version which has a uniquely shaped, large-sized trigger guard
  • 200 .25g Marui BB's
  • Length: 757mm (29.8 inches)
  • Weight: 3 kg (6.61 lbs)
  • Magazine capacity: 60 rounds
  • Motor: EG560
  • 5.56 F1 version comes with a Bipod


Manufactured by:Marui

Description FA-MAS 5.56 F1  

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