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Marui G36C  

Modeled after the G36 real steel gun released by the US law enforcement agencies, the Marui G36Cís visual authenticity is remarkable. The sturdy built quality offers stability and great performance. A railing on the top of the gun allows for addition of various accessories. There is also a short rail along the bottom of the fore-grip. The magazines have an interlock system on them, allowing you to join together a number of magazines at a time. The folding stock swings around and locks, decreasing the length of the rifle considerably.

  • The Marui G36C is capable of semi-automatic and full automatic fire. Larger fire selector makes switching fire modes easier.
  • The stock, flash-hider and forearm are all shorted
  • METAL PARTS: Barrel assembly, Trigger, Sling Swivel, RIS Rails, Cocking Handle, Front & Rear Sight, Flashider, Internal Gearbox & firing mechanism
  • Length: 500mm (19.7 inches) or 718mm with stock folded out
  • Weight: 2.84kg (6.27 lbs)
  • Magazine capacity: 50 rounds
  • Motor: EG1000


Manufactured by:Marui

Description Marui G36C  

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