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P90 TR  

New from Marui, the P90 Triple Rail Silencer rifle is one of the most realistic and accurate guns of its line. It is a replica of the real FN P90 submachine gun designed in the 1980ís for NATO. The unique design of the gun provides max comfort, as the stock contours to your hand perfectly. It is also small and compact, a useful trait in all skirmishes. The realistic weight is also a great feature. Metal parts include the barrel, fire selector switch, and rail. Although made mostly out of plastic, this gun weights more than expected and is perfectly balanced, with the engine in the back, gearbox in the center, and metal receiver in the front. This airsoft rifle is both single fire and fully automatic.

  • The PT90 TR is notorious for its accuracy and it features a new HOP-UP system that further perfects the precision of this gun.
  • The high capacity magazine can store 68 rounds and performs smoothly, with almost no jamming.
  • The gun comes with a mock silencer which minimizes the noise produced by the gun within a range
  • However, the P90 TR is very quiet and practically inaudible at twenty feet.
  • Length: 504mm (19.8 inches)
  • Weight: 2.1 kg (4.63 lbs)
  • Magazine capacity: 68 rounds
  • Motor: EG1000


Manufactured by: Marui

Description P90 TR  

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